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Refurbished hardware

dell optiplex-980-desktopWhat is a refurbished computer?
In computer technology, the term “refurbished” generally refers to older or used computer equipment that has been restored to like-new working condition and/or appearance. In Alfanet S.A., when a computer is refurbished, all its hardware components are either replaced with similar components or updated with newer technology than the device originally came with. Moreover, as it concerns the aesthetic side, all units are thoroughly cleaned and all the cracks or small cover and plastic damages are carefully fixed and painted to the original colors. 

The terms remanufactured, refurbished, re-certified or reconditioned usually refer to the same thing. But what does refurbished exactly mean? Generally, a refurbished PC (or any computer hardware) is one that is sent back to the manufacturer or to a reseller, like Alfanet Ltd, for a variety of reasons, refitted with different parts as necessary, and then tested and approved for resale by the manufacturer. But what are the reasons that these products return back to manufacturer?

  1. Many products are returned for various customer explanations within the money-back guarantee period. They may have returned the product because of buyer’s remorse or they needed they money or even because they didn’t like the color. As a result the majority of these returns are generally NOT DEFFECTIVE.
  2. Some other products are returned “Open”, because the box was opened in store before the system was sold. These products which are brand new and have never been used are often returned back to the manufacturer.
  3. Other products such as laptops or computers are returned by large companies at the end of the lease period. Usually these products have been used by the company’s reps or employees for 12 to 36 months before they were returned.
  4. Again others are returned “End of Line”. These are products that have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are returned back in order to launch the new models. In the IT industry, manufacturers regularly discontinue products as newer models are introduced, sometimes several times a year. These products are also brand new and have never been used.
  5. The products were returned because they didn't work properly and were redone to factory specifications or even because they had a minor cosmetic blemish, like a small scratch on the monitor that automatically means it cannot be sold in stores.

In any case, refurbished doesn't necessarily mean that you're buying a used computer at all. And as it was mentioned above, many refurbished computers and laptops have never even been sold or used ever before!  As a result, all the refurbished computers, laptops, netbooks, servers and other computer parts typically carry the same warranty as provided with a new computer.

Most importantly, when you buy refurbished computer hardware from Alfanet it is guaranteed that you're not buying a defective product! Our refurbished computers go through the same testing and approval process that all brand new computers go through and moreover through our Microsoft® Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) status all of our products have a genuine licensed Microsoft software installed.

This is why all Alfanet Customers enjoy:

  • An incredible product value
  • The lowest price in the market
  • Our factory’s reliability
  • Environmental responsibility

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Advanced equipment

Play-iconWe use the most advanced equipment for our repair and refurbishing services.

Why refurbished products?

thinkgreenbWhy spend a lot of money on new equipment for your business when you can refurbish your existing hardware or buy Microsoft Authorized Refurbished products such as laptops, desktop PCs and Servers from Alfanet S.A.?

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