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Alfanet refurbish sample service

laptop servicesGet a real sample of our work
If you are interested in our refurbishing your laptops but you are unsure of the end result then put us to the test! Send us one of your most damaged GRADE B or C laptops cases and we will turn it into a high quality GRADE A! The procedure is very simple:

  1. Send us a Grade B or C laptop
  2. Once we receive it we will acknowledge its receipt by sending you an email
  3. Then we will refurbish the laptop and restore it to like-new condition within 5 working days
  4. We will send you an email confirming that you laptop is now in GRADE A condition
  5. The laptop will be sent back to you packed in our high quality laptop packing
  6. We’ll email or call you after 7-10 working days in order to receive your feedback

Please note that you are responsible for all the shipping - courier costs to and from our warehouse.

Try us now without commitment!


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Advanced equipment

Play-iconWe use the most advanced equipment for our repair and refurbishing services.

Why refurbished products?

thinkgreenbWhy spend a lot of money on new equipment for your business when you can refurbish your existing hardware or buy Microsoft Authorized Refurbished products such as laptops, desktop PCs and Servers from Alfanet S.A.?

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sample1Through our "Alfanet Refurbish sample program", you can send to us a used, damaged Laptop and we'll refurbish it for you.

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