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Step 1 - Receipt of Goods & 1st Diagnostic

Step 1 - Receipt of Goods & 1st Diagnostic
The first step of our refurbishing process consists of three substeps, namely: a) the collection b) the functionality control and c) the composition recording

Step 1 - Receipt of Goods & 1st DiagnosticAs one of the fundamental business processes, our goods receipt process ensures the efficient flow of materials and involves matching received goods against a purchase order, verifying their quality and technical attributes. The whole process takes place through our tailor-made Warehouse Management (WM) System which keeps detailed records of all the transactions that take place.

The second substep involves the initial OEM diagnostic assessment of the system. During this process both the internal and externalStep 1 - Receipt of Goods & 1st Diagnostic components of the laptop are fully and thoroughly checked, from core functionality and operational requirements to the most basic components such as cover screws, keyboards, plastic covers and cosmetic criteria.  More specifically our first diagnostic test includes:

    • Full battery charge up test during which we test the life of your laptop’s battery. All batteries are then classified as either Grade A (more than 30 minutes remaining time), Grade B (less than 30 minutes remaining time) and Grade C (no capacity – defect)
    • BIOS updating
    • Full cosmetic control in order to detect possible cracks, scratches, loose screws and etc
    • Low lever HDD format using various tester tools such as Maxtor, Seagate etc
    • Keyboard Test which measures the functionality of the keyboard driver. The test verifies that all key sequences, chording, text editing, repeat rate, and delay are functioning properly
    • Touchpad test
    • LCD screen test for color calibration, backlight and inverter failure

If the laptop meets the functionality and operational requirements, then we produce a detailed report which records the laptop’s composition, based on the serial number, the model, the configuration specifications and performance standards. However if it fails then we it is moved to our specialized repair centre.


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