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Microsoft authorized refurbisher (MAR)
Alfanet S.A. is a preferred Microsoft Partner, through the Microsoft® Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) licensing program which caters for the large refurbishers that average a minimum volume of 5,000 refurbished Microsoft® Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) PCs per month. The MAR program enables Alfanet S.A. to supply refurbished computers and servers preinstalled with genuine Microsoft software to all businesses, consumers, and nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Microsoft Authorized Refurbished Certificate of AuthenticityAlfanet S.A. is a Microsoft® Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) which means that we are certified by Microsoft to install a genuine licensed Microsoft software on any refurbished computer that is to be remarketed to our customers. This eliminates the risk of buying used computers without authentic operating systems. The MAR program is targeted to large, established refurbishers such as Alfanet S.A., who have processed a minimum volume of 5,000 units of laptops and desktops each month within a 12-month period and have repeatedly shown that they possess the technical expertise to install large volumes of Microsoft operating systems and finally have all the security protocols in place in order to handle the similar quantities of software licenses. As a Microsoft® Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), Alfanet S.A. is permitted to affix a genuine Windows 7 Certificate of Authenticity (COA) label on each of the hardware it remarkets, a fact that adds a greater value to each unit sold. A professionally refurbished hardware from a Microsoft Refurbished PC program member gives you enormous peace of mind. Alfanet S.A., as a Microsoft® Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), offers enhanced value because:

  • All our computer hardware are pre-installed with genuine Windows® 7 operating system software
  • We provide data wiping security services, and
  • We use environmentally sustainable best practices when refurbishing computers, hence contributing to the reduction of e-waste.

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Advanced equipment

Play-iconWe use the most advanced equipment for our repair and refurbishing services.

Why refurbished products?

thinkgreenbWhy spend a lot of money on new equipment for your business when you can refurbish your existing hardware or buy Microsoft Authorized Refurbished products such as laptops, desktop PCs and Servers from Alfanet S.A.?

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